JIS Europe is the United Kingdoms’ leading supplier of Stainless Steel towel rails. We pride ourselves in offering excellent quality, value for money and exceptional customer service. Founded in 1997, we have over 20 years manufacturing experience utilising Stainless Steel.

There are many benefits to Stainless Steel, firstly being that it will not rust, flake or corrode. This becomes even more important when you consider the very nature of the bathroom, wet, damp and steamy. It is a long lasting, hard wearing product, small scratches can be polished out and it is easily maintained with water and a micro-fibre cloth. It can be utilised in all systems including open.

Equally as important, especially in today’s climate, is that the manufacturing process for stainless steel is ecologically sound. Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable in itself and is manufactured from over 90% recyclable product. Furthermore there are no harmful chemical plating processes involved in its manufacture. These chemicals should be disposed of responsibly; the sad reality is that they often aren’t.

It is a hard material to master, in that it needs to be well manufactured from the off, there are no plating processes to cover up shoddy workmanship. Being the forerunner we have mastered our product and are proud to offer a 25 year guarantee.

Available in all 3 formats across the range; Central Heating, Dual Fuel and Electric Only. We supply our entire range in both a Polished and Satin finish, with a select number of styles also available in a Black finish. We also have created a full range of accessories to complement and enhance the final result so that as well as a practical rail you can have an aesthetic end result.