Silverdale Bathrooms is a specialist in high quality, handmade ceramics. Our pottery is manufactured on our 35,000 square metre site at Silverdale near Newcastle-Under-Lyme, in the heart of the English Potteries in the UK. The area has been the hub of the British ceramics industry since the middle of the 17th Century.

Using a whole range of skills, passed down through generations of craftsmen, Silverdale Bathrooms has created the Silverdale™ range of handcrafted ceramics. The skills to make our unique products have been perfected over many years and this makes each piece of sanitaryware refined and of high quality in a way that no machine can replicate.

From the precise mixing of the English china clay to when a piece leaves the factory for its new home, each step in the process is overseen by our skilled artisans to ensure the very highest of standards are achieved.

Experienced modellers create the complex and detailed moulds for every product by hand.

Working in this way means we are not confined by the limitations of the production line and are more able to add variety, complexity and detail to our pieces. Our modellers use specific tools, personal to them, in order to create each and every detail. Each piece is smoothed by hand before it is fired, ensuring uniformity and evenness of finish. The potters ID and the date of manufacture are marked on every piece.

Three layers of hand sprayed glaze are applied before firing to achieve the glassy depth of finish we are renowned for. If you choose to have one of the Silverdale logos, a pattern or a personalised logo, these are applied by hand and fired once more.

Our highly skilled craftsmen ensure that each piece is removed from the kiln at exactly the right time, to be certain that only the highest quality piece is brought to you.

This high gloss, hard-wearing finish lasts a lifetime and is what sets Silverdale products apart, with each piece fired for over 17 hours at a temperature exceeding 1215°C to ensure full vitrification and a lifetime luxurious finish.