We reinvent ourselves every day

Since its foundation in 1911, Franke’s success has been based on innovative engineering, unique design, and outstanding Swiss quality. These values are still the cornerstone of our success today, together with entrepreneurial spirit, solution-oriented action, and a sense of responsibility.

We create unique experiences

We are driven by the passion for finding unusual solutions for everyday problems. Every one of our projects demonstrates our ambition to achieve unique results with outstanding innovations in technology and design. We are looking for the unique way that makes our products even more functional, more simple, more aesthetic – simply wonderful.

We only produce the best

Outstanding quality has been one of our most important success factors for over 100 years. Our products are durable, robust, and sustainable. We are continually testing and improving, always asking ourselves how we can make a product even better. This claim is reflected in our entire value-added process.

Feel the look

Good design is not an end in itself. For our product developers and designers, maximum functionality and customer benefits are the crux of their work. “Form follows Function”. Our work is validated on a daily basis by our customers. And in the form of prizes and awards.